DiscoverME Yoga Club

DiscoverME Yoga Founder, Candi Katchmar CTY200, Reiki Master, and REAL Food Advocate

Benefits of being a DiscoverME Club Member.

  • One personal consultation by phone or web conference to assess your starting point and goals.

  • A personalized, private YouTube Playlist that includes 2-3 yoga sessions each week, plus other recommended videos to support your path of DiscoverME.

  • A monthly Web-based Group Yoga Chat and Meditation with Candi and other members.

  • Weekly Check-ins with Candi to help you find and stay in The Zone

It's time to join the club

Go on admit it, this is a safe place. You've been curious about Yoga. Maybe you know me personally and have watched me navigate the ups and downs of life while growing my family and yoga practice. Maybe you have no idea who Candi Katchmar is but you've heard there's a lady leading local community yoga sessions at the libraries and civic centers for donations. It is my humble opinion that Yoga is a gift that is meant to be shared. So let me break it down for you:

  • If you can breathe, you can do yoga. It's ALL about the breath and how we move our bodies as we breathe.

  • Flexibility and strength develop over time, as you grow your practice. They are not prerequisites to starting a yoga practice.

  • Any BODY can do yoga; especially when we are supported and encouraged by someone who understands the challenge.

  • Your emotional, mental and physical health are all tied together by your subtle body and energy systems. Much like your physical systems (think circulatory, endocrine, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory and the like) your body, emotions and mental wellbeing are all tied together by an energy system I call the Subtle Body. This consists of of your Chakras, Nadis and other energy pathways. The practice of Yoga takes a methodical approach to holistically engaging all systems while infusing them with vital life-force energy. When all these systems are open and active, we find ourselves in THE ZONE.

Much like Yoga, a DiscoverME Yoga Membership is customized to meet your goals and needs, all with me as your coach. Just like my Community Sessions, the Membership are donation based. You select the monthly amount you are able to give in exchange for the support and resources of my time, energy and experience. A six month commitment is the only requirement.

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